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Phil Norby

Harriet is an excellent therapist, concerned about her clients needs and went above and beyond to ensure my time was productive and I achieved the treatment I needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a necessary massage.

Jocelyn Tello

I've been receiving massages for years and I'm kinda picky. Harriet is awesome! She not only worked on areas of known tension, but was able to release tension in other areas of my body that I was unaware of. I liked that she varied her techniques to help release the tension and knots in my body. I totally felt the knots release in my shoulders and back. (BTW, that is a difficult task...I've been told by other massage therapist that my shoulders and back are so tight that they could not release the tension as much as they would like.) The environment was soothing, and (Heidy) her receptionist was very friendly and made me feel welcomed. If you're on the fence about getting a massage, let me help you...#1 Go look at your calendar, #2 Go to the online scheduling, #3 Book an appointment with Harriet, #4 Enjoy. You're welcome! :-) 

Selena Niles

Harriet was awesome! I will definitely be going back. I thought she did a great job and I felt great in the end. I liked her approach towards massage as well, and that she was taking care of herself massage wise too. She isn't in a rush, and when she started late she had time to make up for it in the end. I really liked her a lot! :) Thank you!!


Kimberly Caldwell

Of all the living socials I have purchased this was the very best experience from the ease of getting an appointment to the very best massage I have ever had! She is wonderful & I would & will recommend her to everyone. Thank you!


April Arnold

Harriet was wonderful! I would definitely recommend her services!


Tracy Safranski

Harriet was an amazing massage therapist. I would definitely go back to her. 


Daniel Bailey 

Harriet is an awesome massage therapist and genuinely seems to care about her clients. She provided me with advice and stretching exercises tailored for my situation.



Kathleen Dully

She went the extra mile to work on my issues. She likes what she does and it shows. Looking forward to my next visit.


Christine Tipp 

This was the most amazing massage I have ever had! I highly recommend Harriet.


Gretchen Gauss 

What a treat to get a massage that included a high level of attention to what I needed. After over doing it at the gym I was in much need of a good massage. Harriet took some extra time to stretch my sore muscles out which is exactly what I needed!


Tara Snider

Harriet was awesome! she was very thorough and took the time to explain what she was doing when I asked and gave me some tips on what to do at home! I will definitely go back.


Carly Pringle 

My massage was fantastic. Harriet listens to her clients. I left feeling refreshed and invigorated





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