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 Essential Oils

So, what's the big deal about essential oils? They can be used for or with just about anything! For cooking, cleaning, making things smell better, as preventatives, as curatives, for pets, weight loss,  the list goes on and on. I had been introduced to oils many years ago for basic things like relaxation or invigoration. These seemed pretty basic, and I didn't give it further thought. In 2013 I was introduced to the doTerra line. I purchased the Aroma Touch Kit and proceeded to integrate the oils into my massage practice, to the delight of my clients and friends. Though I believe oils are unique to both practitioner and receiver, I have found doTerra oils to be of higher quality than oils of similar companies. 

If you would like an Aroma Touch treatment, or to learn more about these oils. Please contact me at 503-936-5443, or book an hour appointment online. 


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